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PSFC Calendars


NW16-121 Conference Room

NW16-140 Conference Room

NW16-213 Classroom



NW17-114a Remote Control Room

NW17-132 Conference Room

NW17-218 Conference Room

NW17-281 conference room (Please contact Anastasia to reserve this Conference Room)



NW21-113 Conference Room



NW22-150 Conference Room

Other Calendars

PSFC Van Reservations (MIT business only)

Shared calendar for vacation, travel, etc.


SPARC & MFE Collaborations Vacation and Travel Calendar
- Read-only - Provide your PSFC login credentials when prompted.
- To create entries, email to Anastasia Alexandridis or Jessica Coco



Note: Anyone who is currently a member of the PSFC calendar group can use these calendars. If someone is not currently a member of the calendar group, they will see a link to request access to the calendar. Once access is granted you will receive an email confirmation. In order to access the calendars, you must be on the PSFC network. From outside PSFC, using the VPN will allow access. There is also a mobile version automatically formatted for smartphones and tablets.


You must use your PSFC username and password to access the calendars.


Macintosh and Linux users please note: If you are trying to gain access to the calendars from a Macintosh or Linux computer, you must enter your username in the form PSFC\username.


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