Plasma Science and Fusion Center

Office of Environment, Safety and Health




To:  All PSFC Personnel                              Date: November 5, 2003

From: Catherine Fiore

Subject: MIT Training Needs Assessment Requirement


MIT has now begun using a uniform centralized system for assessing environmental and safety training needs and for maintaining training records for all personnel, students, and visitors to the Institute.


All laboratory personnel, supervisors, students, and visitors are required to access the EHS web site to register and to complete the online Training Needs Assessment. This form must be completed in the next 30 days.   Start by using a web browser to reach and follow the instructions listed there.  Answers to FAQs are provided from this site if you need more detailed information.


You will need the following to access this system:

1.)  A Kerberos ID (Note: all personnel and students with an MIT ID number have a Kerberos ID.)  If you do not have an active Kerberos account, go to and follow the instructions.  You will need your MIT ID number.

2.)  A current certificate on the computer you are using to access the training web site.  Once you have your Kerberos name and password,  click on the MIT certificate link on the training web page or go to  You will again need your MIT ID number.


Once you start to fill out the assessment, you will need to enter the department, lab, or center where you are working.  Multiple entries are accepted, so if you are affiliated with another department other than the PSFC, please be sure to include both.  Please contact your supervisor or me if you are uncertain about hazards or hazardous activities in your work area.


If you are not either an MIT employee or student, there is still a procedure for receiving an MIT ID number, contact me either by phone (617-253-8440) or email ( and I will request that you be assigned an MIT ID number.


All of the current training records from Matt Fultonís safety training data base have been entered into the MIT central system, so you will have credit for safety training that you have already completed at the PSFC.  Please report any discrepancies to myself or Matt.


Thank you for your time. This is now a requirement for everyone working in laboratories or on experiments at MIT.  Please help us to make a smooth transition to the new centralized system.