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Be Safe or Die

Radiation Safety at the PSFC

The goal of the Radiation Safety Program at the PSFC is to maintain exposure to personnel to as low as is reasonably achievable (ALARA). There are a number of radiation sources at the PSFC in the form of either sealed radioactive sources, tritium loaded targets, activated material, and neutron/gamma/x-ray producing devices.

The program at the PSFC operates in accordance with the MIT radiation protection procedures. Purchase and use of radioactive material is authorized by the MIT Radiation Protection Committee. Use of accelerators and other radiation producing equipment is overseen by the MIT radiation protection office.


Radiation training of PSFC personnel is conducted as needed by Associate Radiation Protection Officers.


Personnel authorized to use radioactive materials receive the appropriate training and badging from the MIT Radiation Protection Office. Exposure reports are received monthly by RPO with copies to Ken Kreischer for the Coherent Beam Group and Catherine Fiore for all others. Alcator C-Mod personnel receive dosimetry which is measured quarterly, and reports are sent to RPO and Catherine Fiore.


The MIT Radiation Protection Office has assumed responsibility for monitoring the use of lasers at MIT. Anyone wishing to use Class III or Class IV lasers must be registered with RPO and must receive a laser eye exam from the MIT Medical Department. RPO will review the safety requirements for the use of each laser, and recommend the appropriate protective eyewear. They will designate the use of warning labels, lights, and interlocks as needed. Catherine Fiore acts as the laser safety liaison with RPO.

Non-ionizing Radiation

The MIT Radiation Protection Office monitors the use of microwave, rf, and other non-ionizing radiation. They will check installations for leakage and recommend controls.

For more information, or to request training, contact Fred McWilliams, 3-5603, FredMcW@.MIT.EDU or Catherine Fiore at 253-8440, Fiore@PSFC.MIT.EDU

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